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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Honey Dijon Chicken (with Cumin)

Honey Dijon Chicken sandwich

My friend, Ashley Panico is learning to be a chef. She taught me this easy and AMAZING sauce to add to chicken. (btw, in case you are counting this is use #2 for a roaster chicken from the grocery store.)  

Cut off some of the chicken. Lots of people have a preference as far as white or dark meat. I love both so just to let you know-this was made with both. (Mostly dark meat as I used up a lot of the white meat yesterday for chicken and chipotle rice.)

Chipotle lime and Cilantro Rice with Chicken 

These are your ingredients for the sauce. I can't give you measurements because I make it to taste. I usually start with a tablespoon of  mayo, the Dijon mustard and honey. Then, I add in about 6 shakes of Cumin, a little salt and a little pepper. Then, I taste. Is it too sweet? Add more Cumin. Too much mayo? Add mustard.  Needs salt?  You get the idea.

Whisk ingredients together. Stir in chicken.

I made an open faced sandwich with some red leaf lettuce, homemade bread I baked two days ago. I topped with some tomatoes from my garden and added a few slices of cucumber. Enjoy!!!

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