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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Corn and Tomato Salad

I bought some fresh corn on the cob. (my corn hasn't come in yet from the garden. Close….but until it comes in I bought some.)

This morning I noticed the two ears of corn that I had left starting to dry out and I didn't want to waste them! So, though I wasn't 100% sure what I would do with it, I decided to go ahead and boil it and then figure it out after I got my Savory Summer Squash Quick Bread into the oven.  After that was done, I decided to improvise and make a Corn "Salad."

I didn't take pictures along the way as it's a pretty straight forward concoction.

Cut kernels from 2 ears of corn,
2 tablespoons of butter.
Fresh chopped Cilantro,
fresh chopped Parsley
salt (about 5 twists of the Sea Salt grinder).
Grape tomatoes
fresh grated Parmesan.

(I feel it's an abosolute MUST to have chunks of Parmesan in the fridge which you then grate fresh!)

Voila!  Easy, DELICIOUS, buttery and salty corn with the sweet tomatoes and savory Cilantro. It is the PERFECT side dish. (Of course I didn't have a main dish so it was just on the "side" of my glass of water….lol)   I tried to save 1/2 for my dinner later work but that did not happen. I can't wait until my corn comes in so I can make more!!

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