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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Easy "Artisan" Pizzas with the Tot

The Tot proudly holding her lunch creation

Today Lily suggested pizza for lunch. Ok! I knew we had some mozzerella and even some FRESH mozzarella. So, pizzas it is!!  

Here is the pizza I made. Marinara sauce, fresh spinach, sliced grape tomatoes, Cilantro (Of course!), Kalamata Olives, two kinds of Mozzerella cheese and some leftover bacon crumbles from this morning's creation-Stir fried Rice and Eggs 

For the "crust" we used Naan bread. This package contains two large pieces. (I wish it had more) Pefect for an Artisan pizza!

Spreading the sauce. Gotta get that hair out of the way. (She doesn't believe me when I say we should put it up out of her eyes…..)

Cheese Please!

Lily's finished Pizza: Marinara Sauce, Shredded Mozzerella, fresh sliced Mozzerella and a few of the bacon crumbles.


My pizza! The saltiness of the bacon and olives is balanced nicely with the sweet grape tomatoes. I love the cheeses and the crust is nice and soft. (Though I put mine back in straight on the rack for a few extra minutes to crisp it up a little.)   GREAT lunch! I'm trying to save 1/2 of it for my dinner later…..I don't know if I'll be able to resist it!!

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