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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Zu-Corny Biscuits via Trader Joe's Cookbook

Did you know there are SEVERAL cookbooks out that feature food from Trader Joe's? Many books will tell you what to buy at their fun store and then how to turn those into a yummy meal, snack, sandwich or even something to pack for lunch!

I found this book:  Trader Joe's Pack a Lunch at the library. Hmmmmmm I love Trader Joe's (though I sure wish they had a location closer to us-both locations take planning to go there.)
I found a recipe called "Zu-Corny Biscuits"   As in-Zucchini and Corn Biscuits. Wow! This combines three things that I love: Zucchini, Corn and baking biscuits!!

Gotta try this!

 Dry mix

Grate zucchini and add it into the "wet" mixture

Wet and dry combined.

Here's a video of me showing the various ingredients:
(And the Book!)

Before I pop them into the oven.

Tips- make sure you have the correct oven temperature! I had the oven set at 350 degrees. However, the recipe calls for 400!  It took twice as long! I couldn't figure out WHY they weren't getting done.
Oh! Yeah, read the recipe!

Here is one of the Zu-corny Biscuits. They have been an easy, take along type snack the past two days. I think I will make it again and if so I will: 
1. Get the cheese recommended in the recipe. Muenster is too mild and the flavor is completely lost.
2. Use more onions, more zucchini and more kale. And more corn too! I would definitely UP the veggie factor. 
These are fast and easy to make and would be PERFECT for a brunch or work event. You can easily make them ahead of time (but let's face it who doesn't love that "hot out of the oven" taste? 
They keep well and would definitely work well packed for lunch. (I should know! I packed two for myself at work!!)  

Hope you try this recipe. 

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