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Monday, April 28, 2014

Salad of the Day-Sprouts!

Since we are now in the lovely season of Spring (FINALLY! What a long, hard winter that was!!) I am craving salads. Since I did the "Salad of the Day" post, I have been wondering what I could put on my salads to make them different. So I went to my local co-cop: Clintonville Community Market

I found these amazing sprouts! I see these added often to high end dishes featured in fancy restaurants. I'm not even sure what they are called! (more research on that soon Also, instead of slicing carrots I decided to add fresh grated carrots.

I decided to add a few slices of cucumber and small slivers of Cheddar Cheese.

The final touch is homemade Croutons!! I made these with a piece of whole wheat bread. I tore up a piece of bread, drizzled it with Olive Oil (more olive oil that I used two days before!) and then sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese. I put them into the toaster oven on "Broil and Fan" Finally I added some Goddess Dressing and my beautiful, colorful salad was ready!! I have to say that this salad is especially filling. I eat it slowly over a 7 hour shift while I'm at work. I am very full, and sated. I don't want for junk food, candy or sweets. I love getting my vitamins and minerals each day in a colorful, delicious salad. If you have some unique salad toppings, feel free to add comments and share!

UPDATE! After doing a bit of searching, I discovered these are probably Alfala Sprouts

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