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Friday, April 25, 2014

Black Cats get a Bad Rap

For five years I rented a duplex before I got married. A wonderful couple named John and Elizabeth  used to rent the same duplex before they moved out and bought the house next door. John is an artist and a very creative guy. His Mother, Linda Apple is also an artist. Together, they had an art gallery. We used to host some lovely parties and events at the art gallery. Some of my fondest memories of living here include our fabulous parties and my neighbors who all worked together to plan and execute such fun events.

After a few years, John and Elizabeth (Even Elizabeth thinks outside the box-she runs a Matchmaking service! bought a different house and Linda moved in next door to me. Linda was really amazing to live next door to! She loves to sit outside and paint. Each day she would complete a small painting. I really enjoyed seeing her create such whimiscal portraits and would pop over as often as possible to visit and chat as she painted. I loved getting a preview of that day's creation. Some were realistic- (bicycles seemed to sell really well!) folks carrying out their every day life, people looking at art in galleries, or animals that owners had commissioned her to make.
Go here to view her daily painting! 

While some of Linda's paintings were realistic, others where more fanciful and imagainative where she would create characters or jolly representations of times past made a little better with bright cheery colors and delightful details.

NOW John and Linda have paired up to make a children's book entitled "Black Cats get a Bad Rap"
You can buy it here: Black Cats get a Bad Rap

Here's John's website with even more information on the book and more illustrations!

Lily checking out our copy of Black Cats get a Bad Rap
I ordered us a copy right away!  The story is in rhyme each page matching a special cat picture.

"I'm a black cat who wore a witch's hat. They saw I was part of a curse. I say I just got caught up in a verse."
If you or someone you know loves cats, this is a great book to share with them. The illustrations are so delightful. It is even more so for me because I can just imagine Linda on her front porch with her small dog nearby creating each one. 

Lily enjoys the all the cats and kittens.

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