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Friday, April 25, 2014

Salad of the Day: Croutons in 10 minutes or less!!

For today's salad, I had lots of the same ingredients in the salad I made two days ago. However, I wanted to add more photos today AND add something to the mix. I used the last two slices of my homemade bread for a tunfish sandwich. As I contemplated how to make my salad different I noticed the heel of my loaf and thought, "hmmmmm.......croutons!!"

I tore up the heel into chunks, drizzled olive oil and sprinkled them with Sea Salt. I put the bread into the toaster oven on "Broil and Bake" for about 10 minutes. While those were working, I continuted with making my lunch.

The red cabbage is so beautiful and vibrant I HAD to add it again. I liked it so much I even chopped a little extra to add into the tuna.

My GORGEOUS salad so far. Adding the color makes it so lovely I can't wait to eat it1! The salad so far contains lettuce, more of the couscous I made yesterday, and the red cabbage.

hmmmm croutons! It only took 10 minutes to have croutons! I tested one and for future making-I would add MORE olive oil and also sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese. However for this first attempt (and because I totally just winged it!!) I am pleased!!

The finished salad. Carrots, lettuce, cheddar cheese, celery, red cabbage, Israeli couscous, and the croutons complete the salad. I added a biggish dollop of Godess Dressing and this is a delicious salad that I can't wait to eat!!

Salad Porn!

Next up: Tuna salad sandwich. I used extra of the celery, red cabbage and slices of cheddar cheese. I loaded the tun onto the last slices of the White Loaf Bread made a few days ago. Another part of my lunch that I can't wait to eat!!

Finished sandwich. Yum!!!

All packed up and read to go! I added in a pear and apple. I have a rule: If I am craving sugar or something from the vending machine-I have to eat at LEAST one of these fresh fruits. If I'm still really craving junk food then I allow myself to look. So far, when I do this I'm no longer hungy. (Good rule, huh!?!)

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