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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Simple meal for kids-Pasta and Broccoli

My Tot is 3 years old. She would eat crackers, Cheez its, and popsicles all day long if I let her. Daily I try to get some real, organic fruits and veggies into her. (It's a challenge but I try each day!!)  She LOVES broccoli and pasta so this is a staple meal for her. Luckily, her brother Calvin (15) loves Broccoli too so I'm good to go.  Here's how to make it.

Pasta with broccoli and carrots
8 to 10 minutes for fresh, easy pasta!
I start with boiling the pasta. I love this Organic Rotini by Simple Truth. The shapes are easy for little kids to get their hands on. It's EASY to make and doesn't require trying to get spaghetti noodles bent just right into the pot. I usually make a little extra and take it to work for my dinner!

I throw broccoli and carrots or sometimes cauliflower in the vegetable steamer. 
When both the pasta and veggies are done, I toss them in a large bowl with butter and grate fresh Parmesan cheese on top. VIOLA! Lunch is done and they LOVE it!

Digging in to some yummy pasta!

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