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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Deviled Eggs!

In every family it seems there is one person designated to make a certain dish, appetizer or dessert for family gatherings. In my family, I am in charge of Deviled Eggs. I doubt there has been a single holiday, birthday, or event that did not include these yummy treats.

Today, for work I am bringing two trays for a luncheon to raise money for one of our own suffering from breast cancer. (Annie Fannie-I hope you are there to enjoy one. )  

After I had made two trays I decided to photograph a few and share with you my "How to" tips. Some ideas have been culled from Pinterest and the rest I have perfected over the years.
First I must say I don't have exact measurements. It's more of a "to taste" kind of thing.

Here goes: 

First, in a pot put eggs and cover with water. (About a 1/2 inch above the eggs.) Put them on the stove and turn to High. Once the water gets good and boiling (I wait about 3 to 4 minutes of full boil) Then turn OFF the heat and put on a lid. 

After about a half an hour, take the lid off and pour out the hot water. Fill with COLD water and ice cubs. Put the lid back on and SHAKE the crap out of the pot. (Hopefully you have a good fitting lid so you and your kitchen stays dry.)  This will loosen the shells and make peeling much easier. 
Don't shake too hard or too long that you break open the eggs-just enough to crack the shells.

Peel, cut in half and place whites on the serving dish and yolks in a bowl.

In the bowl, I add Mayo (lots of mayo) I use Organic Mayo. (Don't use Low Fat or Fat Free-yuck! If you are making them for others buy the best tasting Mayo you can. It makes a difference!!)

Yellow Mustard
and my "secret" ingredient- Sweet Pickle Relish.

Some people add sugar but I don't. The Sweet Relish adds sweetness AND crunch. It gives you more for your money. People like texture. It also adds more moisture so you can use a little less Mayo!
It's a win win!!

So there you go. Hope you enjoy. What's your favorite Deviled Egg recipe?

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