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Monday, July 7, 2014

Gardens, Blooms and Elephant Ears!

Front garden (left)

This is one of my flower gardens in the front of the house. (There is one on either side of the front door)
The gardens in the front are a mixture of Perennials and Annuals. I love Annuals like Sweet Potato Vines, Asparagus Ferns, Spikes, Snapdragons, Vincas, Alyssum and Coleus. I'm trying to have a good mixture of Perennials that can add savings by not having to buy them every year. The back yard garden I try to keep only Perennials so that one is easier to maintain and grows each year. 

If you know what this is-please share in the Comments!

I found this Perennial and lost the tag somewhere. I don't know what it is but it's growing like crazy! I DO wish it could stand up taller but they fold over under the weight. It's a great Perennial and I hope to split and share it this Fall to the back garden.

Snapdragons! This is the best year I have ever had with Snapdragons. Usually they are skinny and don't do too much.

Large corner pot

Here is one of the four LARGE pots I plant and station on the four corners of my porch. Sweet potato vines, Pansies, a spike and Alyssum.

Coleus, Sweet Potato Vine and a Begonia
This little pot started off with a tiny Coleus (the red leaves) and one Sweet Potato Vine. I love how the Sweet Potato vines cascade over the railing!

This is the back side of the same plant. I tucked a sweet little Begonia in there.  

This is my pride and joy!  I bought a Caladium last summer. It didn't do too much. This year, I noticed the leaves browning and realized it's a SHADE plant. Once I brought this one onto the porch it grew and multiplied like crazy. I love the contrast of the red and green!

Elephant Ears

For the first time I tried Elephant Ears. These took so long to sprout I thought surely they were duds. Then about 4 weeks after I had planted them, leaves came up. After that it was a few short weeks to this.
I watched a YouTube video about how to winter them (cut off all leaves and stems, trim down to the bulb and store in basement or garage. Then, replant in the Spring)  I intend to winter them AND buy even bigger versions next summer!   


This is from a Zinnia seed! I randomly put some seeds around the garden to see what would happen. This came up and I wasn't even sure what it was. Then KABOOM this amazing, vibrant flower appeeard. Imagine my glee to discover a Zinnia! 

Large pot in back, Begonias and one Hosta

I tucked a red Begonia paired with an Asparagus Fern next to a Hosta on the porch. They get enough shade to flourish and I love to look at them while sitting on the porch.

Lazy Summer afternoon

Coco enjoys a beautiful summer day.

My porch.

My porch. It gives me great happiness to sit here and look at all the beautiful plants that I have planted, watered and nurtured!

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