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Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime Lily Belle

This is Lily Belle. (One of her MANY nicknames: Lily Dilly, Baby Love, Lillers, etc.)
Today I asked if she wanted to go for a walk. That simple question prompted a whole new outfit.
I waited while she put together a special "walking outfit" complete with her Easter dress, sparkly shoes, a hair bow given to her by Grandma Sandy and of course, flower sunglasses.

As we meandered up the street (ah, the joys of walking with the Tot) she decided to lay in the grass.

It was very cute. The following pictures resulted...
Too cool for summer

My photographer friend, Adam said,  "This is the culmination of four years for Lily pics."
It's a pretty rad compliment coming from him!

However, this is all Lily! She is the one picked out the outfit, the accessories, and the shoes. It was also all her idea to lay in the grass. I was just smart enough to have my iPhone with me! 

Sassy Tot

What a kid. She makes my every day so fun. I am so so blessed.

UPDATE:  We created a new outfit out of my nightgown….Had to add…

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