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Friday, July 11, 2014

Salad of the Day-Chopped Salad!

Last week I got a hankering for a chopped salad.  Tiny, cubes of bite sized freshness. Easy to eat, easy to love. So, I did what I always do-Googled!  I went to Google Images looked for photos of Chopped Salads to inspire me. I found not only a salad recipe but it also had the recipe for a Creamy Vinagarette Dressing. I immediately IMed my husband, "Do we have Vinagarette?"  
"About four bottles…." was his reply. YES!  I knew what I was making the next day!  It was so good (and made so much dressing) that I made it again two days later. Here is my second attempt.

Here's the original link/website: Chopped Salad and Creamy Vinagarette Dressing

I made Veggie Calzones (check next post) and these are the veggies I used for that recipe. While I was cleaning and chopping veggies for that- I chopped a few extra (Zucchini from my garden, carrots and Purple Cabbage) for a salad.

I LOVE Red Leaf Lettuce. I've heard the darker the lettuce-the better it is for you. I chopped some up fine for my yummy salad.

Here it is veggies only.

Creamy Vinagarette Dressing. Here is the recipe link again. I love cooking things that I already have the ingredients on hand! Nothing worse than picking out a recipe and you have to run to the store for that one obscure item!!  I will tell you this dressing gets better with time. When you first dress the salad, it may seem strong. But I packed this for my lunch and by the time I ate it-WOW it was yummy!!

Gotta love the bright and cheery colors!!  The original recipe calls for adding pasta. I did the first time I made it and I think it really adds to the dish. I will make sure to add pasta the next time I make it…. tomorrow….. (that's not too soon is it?) naw!!!!

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