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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Momma needed chocolate! I have had a pretty bad cold. I even lost my voice and had to miss two days of work. When you are feeling down, one needs some pep. Momma needed sugar and chocolate combined into a warm, delicious cookie and Mommy needs it to be EASY!

Hence, the "Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake" recipe that I like to convert to cookies when I don't feel like greasing a cake pan.

The recipe calls for a stick of butter at room temperature. It has the potential to get messy in a kitchen as  SMALL as mine but I try and leave a stick out if case the urge to cook something hits me. Nothing worse than wanting cookies and having to stare at a stick of butter thinking "Is it room temperature now? Now? Surely it is now?"

The recipe is super easy. You can literally have it on the cookie sheet in less than 7 minutes. I try to always keep my kitche stocked with:  Chocolate Chips, flour, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Baking Soda, butter and eggs. If you have these things (the exact ingredients, by the way)  :)  then you are good to go any time the chocolate cravings hit you.

Cookie Dough is so hard to resist!

Delicious sweetness straight from the oven!

Miss Lily Belle could not resist

After I had photographed the cookies, Lily Belle swiped one. I found her in her room doing a magic trick…..making a cookie disappear!

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