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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doc McStuffin Birthday party

I made a card for the Sprout channel. It was chosen and shown on air!
Here is the video! Interesting note-my cousin is married to Kelly's best friend. (this host!)  I sent her a personal note along with the card and I swear she shares a special look right at the camera just for us!

At two years old, Lily didn't quite understand that is HER card on TV but someday she will know how hard Mommy worked for her 2nd birthday!

My sister works at Children's Hospital and got us Patient bands. Everyone had their name on theirs.

My sister used her Cricut machine to make these ADORABLE Doctor bags for treats. She used a different pattern and just changed the colors and added a bandaid to make Doc McStuffins doctor bags!

I found some tin cans at the thrift store and painted them white. I added the red cross and bought some bandaids, tongue depressors and cotton balls.  Kids love bandaids!!

This video walks you through all the favors, decorations and more. I forgot to take a picture of the "Big Book of Boo Boos" I made for each kid. 

My sister, Debbie came through once again and made "Thermometer" chocolate pretzels. These went quickly and were a big hit!!

I came up with this idea all on my own. Chocolate shots!!  I went to our local grocery store and asked for some syringes (needle free, of course!)  They sold me all of these for $2.00   Next I squirted frosting inside.  This is a shot everyone can love!

My Mom has an overhead projector. I borrowed it and made a large Chilly so the kids could play "Pin the nose on Chilly."  They turned out to be a bit young and didn't quite get the hang of it but they sure did have fun trying. :)

Lily's "Doctor" cake

Lily had a lovely time. I enjoy now showing her the party because she doesn't really remember it. Someday, she can look back and see how much work her Mommy did for her birthday. You may wonder why I do so much?  All I can say is I LOVE planning parties!!

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