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Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Turn

I was never one for cooking. My Mom is a watercolor Artist Growing up, Mom would rather be in her basement studio painting. Still, feeding us was part of the bargain of being a stay at home Mom. I thought, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a good cook! I'll use spices and bake and make lots of tasty, delictable dishes.

However, as I grew up I realized I had no IDEA how to follow this pipe dream. I never baked with my Mom, never learned at her knee how to braise a chicken. (braise? what is that??) In addition,I didn't get married till I was 40 years old. Before this I lived on my own for 20 years. I was never much for cooking. Looking back, I can't really say what I ate. I don't honestly know. I didn't eat out much so I must have prepared SOMETHING. My idea of cooking was "putting things together in a bowl."

 I even attended a Pampered Chef party where the Representative refused to sell me one of their "stone" cook surfaces. She quizzed me, "Do you make casseroles?" no. "Do you bake chicken?" no. "Do you make cakes?" no. "Homemade pizzas?" no. "Pasta?" no. Exasperated, she looked at me (last single female on the planet, I was sure.....) and asked, "What DO you eat?" I thought for a few minutes and replied, "Hard boiled eggs and cereal......" She laughed and informed me that I did NOT need a stone in any form. Perhaps I would like a Deviled Egg carrier?? PAMPERED-CHEF-KITCHEN-SET-STONEWARE-CAKE-PAN-COOKIE-SHEET-DEVILED-EGG-TRAY-/161194149557?_trksid=p2054897.l4276 (Which yes I bought and still trot out at every single family get together. I'm the official Kinnamon Deviled Eggs maker.)

 As life goes on, I have been learning to make those dreams come true. Baby steps, fits and starts, experimentation and try try try again accompany me in the kitchen each day. After I got married and became a Mom, I had an urge to take care of my family. I guess it was many years later than most women, but hey I did EVERYTHING later. I wanted to COOK. Now is the time to make my childhood dream of cooking begin!

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