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Monday, October 15, 2012

Talking Up a Storm!

Lily is now 19 months old. I look back at her baby pictures even just last Spring and I barely recognize her. She still looks like Lily, but she seems so little and young. I can barely remember that time. Her "baby" time went so fast. TOO fast.

Though I miss that baby time, I love the age that she is now. As each month passes, I think "THIS is my favorite age. No THIS is my favorite. No THIS time is the best. I guess I love each and every stage and all that those stages and developments bring.

Just today, we were playing with her Tupperware "Shape-O" toy. I was saying the name of each shape. "Pentagon", "Hexagon"  Lily was listening to me and said, "ah-gone" 
I also LOVE how she says, "Hi Honey."

Here is a video of her saying "Hi Honey" and playing with her Shape-O
She can also say "Morning" and "hockey".
She calls Alex "Aiya" and Calvin is "Cubby" or "Calvy"
When Lily sees me she says, "Hi Mommy!" or "Hi Momma"

She also likes repetition. Sometimes I hear her say, "Oh No.....Oh No!  Oh No.... Oh No." or "I know!  I know! I know!"   She is also learning to count. Last week she said TWO TWO TWO. All counting numbers were two. Now, it's One, Two! One, Two!

I can believe how sweet and smart and wonderful she is. I love her more than anything in the entire world.
Her favorite things are her "Bankie" and "Paci" (though sometimes paci sounds like patsy- but are cute).
These two items are the only things she loves. She doesn't have any particular attachment to any doll or stuffed animal or toy. Though she LOVES books. Books by far are her favorite toy. 

As for TV, she loves Baby Signing Times.  She has One through Four and they are just about her most favorite things. She also loves Doc McStuffins. She used to call that show "oh oh oh" on account of the theme song. It goes, "...oh, oh, oh, it's the place to go when you feel a little under the weather..." 
Now, when it comes on she says, "DOC!" and smiles like it's Christmas. She also loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and and just now say "Mickey!"

It's so fun playing with her. She loves to take things in and out of a big plastic pumpkin I bought for Trick or Treat. We take ducks in and out and also puzzle pieces out one at a time. 

Oh I forgot! Lily LOOOOOOOVES chalk! and crayons! She would color every surface inside and out if I would let her! She will walk along with two sticks of chalk and take a few steps, and then mark a tree or the sidewalk or a step and then walk a little more. walk, mark, walk, mark and on and on.

I just love this little girl!!!

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