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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kneading bread the EASY way. Is it worth it?

I wouldn't really consider this a hack, but I have found that I really hate kneading bread. Most recipes call for 10 minutes of this.  Who else has started at the clock endlessly thinking "10 minutes HAS to be up by now!" only to find it's been 3 minutes. Ugh.

So! New bakers-just use your mixer with the right attachment. EASY!

HOWEVER…..This is the loaf of bread I made with the dough done the easy way. Not very pretty…..I was worried but good GOLLY is it delicious. The crust is just the right bit of crispy and the inside light and fluffly with the tiniest bit of sweetness. I guess if I'm baking just for my family I don't mind a little Franken-bread!

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