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Monday, September 26, 2011

6 month shots

It's a necessary evil, but not one enjoyed by anybody!  Today Matt and I took Lily for her six month shots. That nurse is brutal!  I mean she stabs and plunges with no mercy. My poor poor baby. She screamed at decibels I had never heard before.  Of course, I cried along with her.

Lily was PISSED.  She cried and screamed the entire ride home.  What a crappy afternoon. We don't see Dr. Patty till her 9 month check up and that's fine with me.

On the good side, Matty made lots of silly faces and made her laugh while we waited for the doctor and then the nurse.  Lily is doing really well.  She now weighs 16 pounds (70%). is 27" long (89%) and her head is 43 cm (70%).  Dr. Patty gave her an overall good report.

Now I'm either gonna eat some ice cream, or take a nap.  Mommies have a tough time on shot day too....

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