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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Easy Do it Yourself Soup

I'm following Weight Watchers online. I started out eating just fruits and veggies. 
that idea did NOT sustain me. I discovered early on though-a warm, hearty soup really helps keep me full. 
This is an easy soup I can throw together and eat throughout the day.

Sautee yellow onion in a LITTLE bit of butter. 

Add in Chicken Broth. I usually look for "Fat Free" option but chicken broth is inherently fine for a diet! It's chicken flavored water. Totally WW approved!

Chop up a peeled carrot and some Cilantro. (Or parsley if you prefer)

I had a roaster chicken because I made Chicken nachos for my family. (I was good-I had soup) 
(yet ANOTHER use for one of those roaster chickens!!)

Make some Quinoa or Cous Cous or rice. I'm not thrilled with WW's "points" for all these things. They count all as 5 points. I think that's a lot for a healthier option such as Quinoa or Cous cous!  I make some and sprinkle a little into soup or on a salad-but just a little.

Heat till carrots (or whatever vegetable you added) is soft. Light and easy. Hardest part is chopping up veggies! Enjoy!
What's your favorite simple soup recipe?

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