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Saturday, March 3, 2012

1st Birthday

We had BIG plans for Lily's 1st birthday. The party invitation was a fabulous compliation of all of her "month" pictures. Family and friends were all coming today to celebrate from 3 to 5pm.
Unfortunately, Calvin, Lily and I all got the Noro virus. It was AWFUL! Lily had explosive diarrhea for days. Calvin and I threw up a lot. In light of the germs, we had to postpone the party. There was no way in good conscience we could expose our loved ones to this nasty sickness.

However, there was still a little bit of fun for us. I went ahead and made a small, simple "smush" cake. Lily had a BLAST!!

Here are a few shots of the messy, chocolate-y fun!

Lily's "smash" cake

The candle was too big for her teeny cake!  

Cake!  Weeeeee!


Lily didn't get to wear her entire 1st bday outfit, but she tried on her tutu

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