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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The many names of Lily

I love nicknames!  You can bet if I think you are a great person-you have a nickname.  My friend Lauren, is "Cutie Lauren" to me, and when Matt and I were dating I called him Mailman Matt.  =)

Lily has soooo many nicknames from me and other people, I wanted a chance to list them.

When I first brought her home from the hospital, I called her Liliput. Shortly after, I changed to Lily Belle.  Though it sounded more like "Lila Bewllll"  Next came Lily Dily.  (this is a nickname that my Dad came up with). Lately, I call her "Lovey" or "Lovealoo." 

These names all evolved and changed naturally over her short 7 months. Who knows how many more nicknames she'll go through in her lifetime (many, many, I'm sure....)

Some of her other nicknames have been given to her by family and friends.
Aunt Debbie calls her "LilyPad."  She has a lot invested in this name. I don't see her changing it!  =)
Aunt Debbie is steadfast in her LilyPad.

Alex calls her LilyPop,  My Dad calls her "Lily Dilly" and Ralph suggested that if she was wearing a lacy dress, one could call her "Frilly Lily"  lol

Marnie Brannon calls her "Lily Bonkin".  Daddy just calls her Lily.  Sweet and simple. 
Whatever nickname we call her-it's said with great love and tenderness. 

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