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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Four Steps

Today, Angie and Emelia came over. We were in the kitchen chatting and the girls were getting reaquainted with one another.  At one point, Lily was looking at Emelia and without realizing she took FOUR steps with no assitance whatsoever!  Then, right after that she took three more! I was BEYOND proud and happy.

Matt, Alex and Calvin have reported steps but I haven't seen honest to God walking myself. That could be because she likes me to hold her and clings to me more than others.  In addition, today I decided to skip the gym.  Our daily routine is usually: 1. wake up. 2. snuggle in Mommy's bed. 3. Lily sits in her highchair while I make coffee, clean up the kitchen and eat breakfast.  Lily eats cereal or Cheerios.  4.  Go to the gym.  5. come home and eat and Lily naps. 6. Play for a little bit before Mommy goes to work.

I decided that today I wanted to NOT do that schedule and just spend the whole day doing number 6.
It was a LOVELY day! When I left for work, the house was a mess, not all the dishes were done, and I hadn't exercised-but I was HAPPY.  =)

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